Phoenix Wedding Planner

Phoenix Wedding Planner

Pinterest?  Love it or Hate it?

How many hours have you spent on Pinterest? I admit I’ve been lost in some searches from time to time! And it’s a blessing and a curse!  As a Phoenix wedding planner, I love to ask my clients if they love or hate Pinterest.

So, many of our clients share their boards with us. And sometimes their tastes are all over the place. As we get to know them, we learn more about their tastes.  And then we can start the design process.

Often, clients will hear me say, now I see what you like.  So let’s take that and make it your own.   Because personalization and branding is the key to creating an event that is memorable. And there are an infinite number of ways to go about creating one.

Themes are so much fun! And we’ve planned Disney-themed weddings, sports-themed milestone events, and holiday parties for clients and corporations that still make us smile. Color, shape and texture are all important visual elements that we use purposely to carry through our theme throughout the event.

So as you think about the design, remember to consider the guest experience. Because what is the first thing they receive? Usually, it’s a Save-the-Date Card or an Invitation. And it’s the first opportunity to get a feel for the type of event.  And we want the guest to feel there is no way they are going to miss out on this amazing time!

The devil’s in the details. My mom has always said this. And until I started planning events, I didn’t truly understand what this meant. It takes a great deal of time and effort to design and execute an event. Because from the invitations to the décor, the food and drink to the entertainment, the lighting to the favors, it all should reflect the look and feel of the event.

And we love to watch the expressions on the guests’ faces. And hear accolades of how special the event was—it never gets old. So we encourage you to mix it up, step outside the box a bit. And create something that you and your guests will always remember.

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