Wedding in Phoenix Arizona

Planning a wedding in Phoenix Arizona?

Finding a vendor can be a challenge!

 If you’re planning a wedding in Phoenix, Arizona (or anywhere else!) how do you know the vendors you choose will be the right fit? Finding the right vendors can be overwhelming. Looking at reviews can be frustrating. Some couples love a particular vendor while others not so much. Who can you trust? Can you trust a friend’s recommendation, or should you?

Have you  ever wondered why planners work with a select few vendors? It’s simple—we work with seasoned people we know, like and trust. When recommending vendors to clients, I also take into account their budget as well as their personality. It’s important that my clients work with people who are a good match to help ensure their wedding day runs smoothly.

Working at a wedding is quite different than another type of event. There are no do-overs and keeping the flow of the event can be challenging for some. Before booking a photographer, ask them how many weddings they have photographed and ask to see a complete wedding album—not just a few perfect highlights.

Once dinner is over, it’s time for the party. Your DJ or musician(s) will be responsible for the flow and tempo of the dance party, so be sure to allocate some funds here.

One word of caution about pricing. Couples ask me if their pricing is an indicator and most often my answer is, yes! When a vendor tells you they’re not providing their services for the money, that means they’re a hobbyist and most likely do not invest in their equipment, training and/or services.

If your time is limited and you’re feeling overwhelmed, then reach out to a planner for some expert help. Then you and your fiancé(e) can focus on each other and maybe start planning your honeymoon!

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