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Arizona Wedding Planner

Are you searching for an Arizona Wedding Planner?

Sally Arnold is an Arizona Wedding Planner.  And I have been planning events for over 20 years in Arizona and across the United States. Planning a wedding on your own can be a lot of fun but it is also very time-consuming. Many of our couples have busy lives and work schedules and just don’t feel they have enough time to handle all the planning on their own.

A benefit of working with an experienced planner like Sally is the guidance I provide. In fact, I know a big part of what I do is helping to educate clients. I have planned thousands of events so I can help our clients throughout the entire planning process.

Because everybody has a budget, I can help you determine where to allocate your investment dollars.  And whether it is modest, lavish or somewhere in between, I can guide you.  And people have varying priorities from food to décor to documentation and entertainment. So making appropriate decisions along the way can be critical.

So have you found yourself spending way too much time looking at vendors and their reviews? And do are you wondering how you will make a decision? Because you may not be able to determine if you like the look of what you can see on their social media accounts.  And you may not know if their personality is the right fit for you. Because we work often with the same vendors, some will offer special pricing for our couples.  And this is because they know I will make the process better and easier for them.

Creating a detailed timeline for your planning process and wedding day is another invaluable service I provide. Because a well-planned wedding day ensures that our couple feels secure in knowing they don’t have to worry about anything.  So if the tables are set properly, the DJ has set up in the right place.  And if the guests know where to go for cocktail hour and directing the bridal party as they walk down the aisle.

Sally Arnold Events is the first to arrive and the last to leave on your wedding day. If you are searching for a top wedding planner to help you plan your dream wedding, click here. I’d love to hear from you.

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