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Sally Arnold Events celebrates 5 year anniversary

Arizona event planners are looking forward to getting back to business.  And I didn’t think that I’d be celebrating my company’s 5 year anniversary during a global pandemic! But not even COVID-19 is able to stop me from celebrating this important milestone for my business.

Because I’ve been reflecting on celebrations since this is the focus of my event planning business. So why do we celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other milestone event? Perhaps it’s as simple as we are reminded of the importance of these days to us, both personally and culturally.

Currently, large social gatherings are not taking place. But we’ve seen that celebrations are not canceled, they are just taking place in a different way. So just like the Grinch who thought if he stole all the presents in Whoville that Christmas wouldn’t come.  But he found that the day still arrived.  And the town gathered to celebrate even without the gifts.

And I think that in some ways, this virus has given us gifts we may long remember and appreciate. Because in my family, we are gathering weekly for a video phone call.  And this is something we have never done.  And it’s great to connect and a fun way for all of us together regularly.

In our neighborhood, we gather weekly for a themed socially distant happy hour. And we have formed a bond that I don’t think ever would have happened.  Because we may still be busy with normal comings and goings of our previous super busy lives.  Arizona event planners love to celebrate with you!

And the creativity that has been ignited throughout the world has been exciting to watch! I’ve seen parades of people in cars driving down city streets.  And with posters, signs, and balloons.  Because sharing messages of congratulations to the celebrant is so fun to see!

Families transforming a room in their home to a beach or dream vacation spot inspires others to try something similar. And I’ve enjoyed listening to a number of concerts on TV.  And I’m touched with the amount of fundraising that is taking place.  Because so many are in need during this time.

And I am meditating and doing yoga in my home for the first time.  So many opportunities!

And for our front line workers, I’m pleased to see how they are being appreciated. Because one of our local event lighting companies created a large scale video mapping display.  And it lit up one of the hospitals to honor healthcare workers recently. Have you been fortunate enough to see a fly-over by the military in your city to thank our healthcare heroes?

So celebrations are not canceled. Because love and creativity abound. And take time to celebrate the moments in your life that are meaningful to you. Even if it means a simple slice of cake with 5 candles in your own kitchen to mark a 5 year business anniversary!


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