Scottsdale Private Estate Wedding Planner

Scottsdale Private Estate Wedding Planner

Tips from a Top Arizona Wedding Planner

Does a simple backyard wedding appeal to you?  Are you looking for a Scottsdale private estate wedding planner?  So as a top Arizona wedding planner, here are some things that you might want to consider.

Contact a local rental company that can provide tables, chairs, and linens.  Because they can assist you in determining the number of tables you might need.  And also help with the layout for your event.  Basic tables and chairs are not expensive.  But if you’re looking for a more unique look, those costs can add up.

So I am a big fan of nice linens.  Which of course means, not the standard polyester.  And if you can afford a lamour or textured linen, I think they make a big difference.  For larger weddings, consider using up to three different linens to add to the overall design.

And while we’re discussing design, let’s not forget about lighting.  Because most homes do not have adequate lighting for evening and spotlights are blinding and unattractive.  So ask your rental company to provide some suggestions.  And string lighting is a great way to enhance the look of your event.  So if the lighting is over the dance floor, be sure to have a dimmer switch as guests prefer softer lighting for dancing.  And what I’ve found planning private estate weddings in Scottsdale and being a Scottsdale Private Estate Wedding Planner, is that what looks amazing for your backyard BBQ isn’t the same as your wedding day.

Portable restrooms are another consideration.  And they are a must if the home is on a septic system!  Modern portables are very nice and have hardwood floors and granite countertops.

So where will they park?  Does your neighborhood/city allow parking on the street and is there ample parking available?  Providing valet parking service might be nice for your guests.

So be sure to inquire with your electrician to ensure there is enough power onsite for the music, lighting and catering companies.  And check with your insurance agent to add additional coverage for your event as well.

Different cities have different ordinances regarding noise.  So find out what your city regulations are.  Because where we work, some cities require that all loud music end by 10 pm.

So if all of these details sound overwhelming, then reach out to an expert.  And as a top Arizona Wedding Planner, we have planned and coordinated numerous backyard weddings. And we are well versed at all the details that are necessary to create a well-run event.  So with a seasoned wedding planner working with you, you can relax and enjoy your special day!

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