Wedding Planners in Arizona

Wedding Planners in Arizona

Creating One-of-a-Kind Experiences


It’s finally happened, you’re engaged! And you’ve been planning your wedding in your mind since you were little and you’ve attended countless weddings for your friends, and you can’t wait to get started cause this is going to be So Much Fun, right?  Because as wedding planners in Arizona, we know that the idea of planning your wedding and actually having time to plan your wedding can be two totally different things.

Start with your budget.  And once you have zeroed in on the amount of money you are willing to invest, then put the list in order by most important to least important. Keep track of what you’re spending along the way to ensure you’re staying within your budget. And consider setting aside an extra contingency fund, “just in case”…  Wedding planners in Arizona know that it’s of the utmost importance to make sure that your budget is adhered to and we take it the extra step by giving you as much upfront information as possible so you can make informed decisions.

Select your venue. Because most of your dollars will be spent here, you want to ensure the look/feel reflects your vision.   Some venues include many of the basics—tables, chairs, linens while others do not. They may have catering and bar in-house. ASK questions and don’t rush to sign your contract. And don’t be afraid to negotiate, especially if you’re getting married on a Friday, Sunday or during their off-season.

Shop for your dress. You’ve been dying to try on wedding gowns. Gowns can take 6-9 months to arrive and most will need some alterations. And try to resist taking too many people to the bridal salon as it might be hard to come to a consensus. Keep in mind the style of your wedding and the venue you selected.

Now as wedding planners in Arizona is the time to secure the other event pros you will need to complete your wedding.  Most couples will select their photographer first, but keep in mind the additional services you may want.  Videography, floral, music and entertainment.  DJ or Band?  Because bands are more expensive than DJ’s, that may be a factor.  And do you want a photo booth?  Do you need an officiant?  And if your venue doesn’t have in-house catering, you will need a caterer and bartender.  Invitations, rentals, lighting, favors…so you can see how quickly your investment can increase.

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