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Top Phoenix Event Planner

A Top Phoenix Event Planner Shares Ideas for a Themed Engagement Party

Planning engagement parties is something we absolutely love to do! And family and friends gathering in a casual environment is an opportunity to celebrate the couple.  And as a top Phoenix event planner we love to personalize these events to make them memorable. So recently our newly engaged couple asked us to create a Minnie and Mickey Mouse themed party for their family and friends.

So upon arrival, the self-service beverage station allowed guests to help themselves to a drink of their choosing. And selections included a beautiful fruit-infused water, sweet iced tea, and strawberry lemonade.

Nearby, a charcuterie board was available for guests to nibble on while they mingled before dinner was served. And a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed photo frame and props were set up for guests to take selfies.  Everyone loved this!

So the florals contained shades of pink, lavender and blue.  And this matched a collectible Minnie and Mickey figurine that the bride-to-be cherishes. So pink wire mouse ears were added to the florals and made a cute accessory. And the bride-to-be received her own personal Mouse Ears to wear for the day. This hand-wrapped headband was constructed with fresh miniature flowers. And she enjoyed wearing and made her feel extra special.

So the design of the custom Minnie and Mickey Mouse Cake also complemented the bride’s collectible figurine. And the bride-to-be didn’t even want to cut into it since it was so beautiful! Because it was her favorite flavor, it didn’t take too much convincing to dig in.

And as the guests departed, they received cookie favors in the shape of hearts. The couple’s names and wedding date were on the cookies, making it a tasty save-the-date!

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