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Is there such a thing as a Simple Wedding At Home?

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So it happens all the time—I get a call from a bride who says, I just want a simple backyard wedding. And as experienced Phoenix wedding planners, I respond with what a perfect idea! Let’s meet at your home and discuss your vision for your special day.

And more often than not, brides are surprised to learn that a simple backyard wedding involves more than just the tables, chairs and linens. Additional rental and décor items may include additional lighting and power.  And portable restrooms, transportation and/or valet parking services—just to name a few!

And if you haven’t picked up on this yet, the cost for weddings at a private home is often higher than our clients imagined.

So recently we had the pleasure of planning a wedding at a location on the side of a mountain. And logistically it was a big challenge! So for those of you not familiar with Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is an icon. And it is shaped like a Camel. And it rises over 2700 feet above the valley.

The family home was the first to be built on the side of Camelback Mountain so it was an older home. So bringing in a generator (quiet motor) was one of our first items to order. And we had to ensure we had enough power for the band, caterer and additional lighting. Because the home had a septic system that we didn’t want to overtax.  So portable restrooms needed to be brought in as well.

And the property had outdoor floodlights and landscape lighting which was not sufficient for guest safety during the evening. So we used a combination of uplighting. And string lights and twinkle lights in the trees to provide a romantic look for the evening. Because parking would not be available onsite, we rented a nearby parking lot.  And scheduled shuttles to transport guests to/from the wedding.

Because of the one-way, private narrow drive access to the home, vendor set-up and deliveries needed to be scheduled individually. So set-up began 3 days prior for our 17 contracted vendors.  And pick-up was completed 2 days post-event. So I’m guessing our clients were happy to have their home back finally!

The beauty of Camelback Mountain and the City Lights of Phoenix provided an amazing backdrop for our couple’s wedding. So this was definitely a memorable backyard wedding!

Because I’d love to give you more information about our events, please visit our contact page to request information for your wedding.

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