Phoenix Corporate Event Planners

Phoenix Corporate Event Planners

Honored by ILEA

As Phoenix Corporate Event Planners, we are honored to be recognized as the Best Event Planner in Arizona by the International Live Events Association. I know it sounds trite, but just to be nominated in a group of talented peers is humbling. Winning is thrilling!

Our award category, for event collaboration, was for a corporate holiday party.  And it was so much fun to design, plan, and implement.

Our venue was the original ice house in downtown Phoenix.  So to be able to have an event in a historic building is way cool. And of course, older industrial buildings need extra touches, especially during the holidays.  So we pulled out all the stops to create something very fun for our unique client.

As guests arrived, the side of the building was lit with large animated gobos.  (Gobos are logos).  And this made it easy for guests to find the entrance.

One room was open to the sky, where many guests congregated.  Overhead string lights provided light and ambiance for guests as they gathered for cocktails and appetizers.

For dinner and live music, guests gathered in an indoor larger room.  And this is where the food was.  3 different live-action food stations–how fun!  Guests could choose their own plates.

One station carried an Asian theme.   Guests selected ingredients to be cooked in a wok while they waited.  So this was perfect for those with dietary restrictions.  Because vegetarians could select a meat-free dish.  And their personalized meal was served in a Chinese take-out box.   Complete with chopsticks, of course!

A slider station offered 3 different varieties of sliders.  And with onion rings as the perfect accompaniment!

The dessert station was another popular spot for noshing. A variety of dessert shots were arranged on a large shelf unit.  And guests helped themselves, some more than once!

While the band played, a VJ worked the lighting. And projected themed videos on the walls to match the tones, moods of the songs. This is known as projection mapping. And if you haven’t seen this, look it up—it’s amazing.

Phoenix Corporate Event Planners understand that industrial buildings have some unique challenges.  And one room contained a large metal ladder that was so tall it couldn’t fit through any of the doorways. So, rather than making it the elephant in the room, we transformed it.

We turned it into a giant ladder Christmas tree. So we adorned the ladder with hundreds of twinkle lights.  And adding giant ball-shaped ornaments, we lit it up with green lights.  So this potential eyesore became a cool focal point.

And to tie it all together, we made mini versions of the ladder.  These were used as table centerpieces which guests commented on all night long. This was a holiday party guests would be talking about for years to come!

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