Best Phoenix Event Planners

Best Phoenix Event Planners

According to our peers…

We are proud to have been recognized in back to back years as one of the Best Phoenix Event Planners by Ranking Arizona Business Magazine. To receive this distinction two years in a row is truly humbling. And we are thankful to all those event professionals who we have the honor to work with for all our events.

The event industry is not for the faint of heart. Long hours, many weekends, and holidays are often days our clients choose for their special events. And we are honored to be chosen to help our clients implement their events.

We enjoy the variety of events we plan, design and coordinate. Weddings, social and milestone events including birthdays, anniversaries, bridal and baby showers, mitzvahs are all part of our repertoire.

For our corporate clients, we handle educational meetings and conferences.  As well as team-building, reward trips and fundraisers. Having this variety keeps us fresh and motivated!

It feels especially gratifying since we know our peers have provided this input to give us this prominent distinction. And our peers are the very people who help us shine at each and every turn.

Live events are just that—live. And that means that no matter how well planned, things can go a bit off course. Though we always try to plan ahead for all of those “what ifs”.  Like a plan B in case of inclement weather for example.  Because sometimes things happen we could not anticipate.

We had a couple whose wedding ceremony was delayed 20 minutes.  Because we had to wait for the groom’s daughters to arrive as they were stuck in traffic. Another time, the father of the bride was a no-show.

What sets us apart I think, is our calm demeanor. The building might be on fire, but we are smiling. Our feet may be paddling feverishly underneath the water, but on the top of the lake, we are gliding like a swan. A calm planner = calm and relaxed guests. Most of the time none of the guests are aware of these things that go on behind the scenes.

And we set the mood, so then the people can continue to enjoy themselves. So we continue to do what we love and plan events for our clients. And we’re grateful to them for placing their trust in us. As well as grateful to those event professionals we have the honor of working with.

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