What Would a Phoenix Wedding Coordinator Do?

What Would a Phoenix Wedding Coordinator Do?

Let Them Eat Cake?

As a Phoenix wedding coordinator, we hear this often from our couples.  The bride has never liked cake and her fiancé doesn’t either, but mother is insisting a traditional wedding cake is a must—think of the pictures, she says! And you want to keep peace with your mom, so consider a compromise. It’s good practice for being married, right?

So many of our brides opt for a small cutting cake to please mom, and then select a dessert that fits with their theme or taste. Dessert Tables make a great focal point and having a selection for your guests creates a fun experience.

As a Phoenix wedding coordinator, we’ve seen Pie Stands for a rustic wedding, where the bride and grooms neighbors baked their favorite pies and the bride’s dad fabricated a pie stand. One of our brides borrowed an idea from Pinterest, and created a DIY Popcorn Cart so guests could make their own bag of popcorn with various toppings.

Cupcake Towers are easy to create and mini cupcakes allow guests bite-size treats that are easy to eat. We’ve created Donut Cakes, Towers, and Walls, that have been a hit!

S’more Stations are great for kids of all ages and guests love a Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Sandwich Station. Don’t forget a Coffee/Tea/Cocoa station for those cool nights to warm up those who aren’t out on the dance floor.

And one of our upcoming weddings is featuring milk and cookies on their dessert table–how fun is that?!  From macarons, to chocolate chip or sugar, who doesn’t love cookies?

Take a peek at one of our Dessert Tables we recently created—we still hear how memorable it was!

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