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Wondering how to manage your budget?

Wedding Planners in Phoenix have some advice

Budget Management can be challenging when planning your dream wedding.  And as experienced wedding planners in Phoenix, we have some tips to help! Part of our job is to help educate our couples on what they might expect to pay for certain services. Because everyone has a budget, whether it be small, medium or large. Keeping within one’s budget is not easy. And if you start out with a total investment you plan to stick to, chances are better that you will.

And for some reason this comes as a surprise to many couples. But the easiest way to lower your expenses is to invite less people! Because there are less invitations, stamps, tables, chairs, food, beverages, favors.  And it makes perfect sense, right? And yes, everyone who receives a save-the-date card should be invited to your wedding.  So work on that guest list early.

When I work with couples, we talk about their vision. What does their dream wedding look like? And what is most important to them? Food, music, flowers, photos? So don’t get me wrong, everything has its importance.  But spend your dollars in the places that are more important to you.

So if you’re a foodie, then you may allocate more of your budget to the food. O perhaps music is an area you may choose to spend a little more. Because some couples place high importance on a wedding film they set aside money for this. However you choose to spend your money, be purposeful from the beginning.  Because then you may not have to sacrifice something later down the line.

So most of our brides purchase their wedding dress first and then look for their venue. And if you have a modest budget, you might choose a venue with an inclusive package. Some venues offer packages that include most of what you might need.  And this is not only more affordable but can alleviate the amount of time it takes to look for and secure additional vendors. Because less time planning = more time to focus on other things like each other.

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