Sedona Wedding Planner

Sedona Wedding Planner

Stunning Red Rock Backdrops

As a Sedona Wedding Planner, I can’t think of a more stunning location for a couple’s wedding.If you haven’t been to Sedona, you need to put it on your list. The red rock sandstone formations are each unique. And their beauty changes throughout the day based on the location of the sun.

Sedona is my favorite place to hike. And Sedona is home to some of my favorite restaurants as well. Sedona has a peaceful serene atmosphere. And it’s one of those places that you always remember for it’s pure, natural beauty.

Recently we had the pleasure of working with a couple from another state for their destination wedding in Sedona. Both the bride and groom are physicians with family and friends living in various states.  So they decided that Sedona was the perfect spot for their dream nuptials and honeymoon.

Jessica’s bridal party included her closest friends and Joey’s sister. They spent the morning together getting ready overlooking the red rocks and shared funny stories while they snacked. Joey’s groomsmen got ready down by the creek. And they too were relaxed as they reminisced of Joey and Jessica’s early dating days. Fast forward to their wedding ceremony, where both the bride and groom shared intimate details of their meeting and courtship. The guests’ reactions ranged from surprise to engaging in laughter with a few sentimental moments as well. By the end of the ceremony, everyone knew all about their story!

Their ceremony took place high atop the property with breathtaking views of the red rocks and canyon.  And then they chose an intimate space by the creek for dinner. Because the sound of the river provided the perfect ambiance while guests dined.  And the DJ provided soft background music.

After dinner, guests were invited indoors for dancing. After a short while, the bride and groom, along with her parents, changed their clothes.  Their traditional Korean wedding costumes were so colorful.  The bride and groom cut their wedding cake in these outfits.  And I love the way we were able to incorporate her family traditions into their wedding day. Most of the guests in attendance had never been to Sedona.  So this wedding will stand out in their memories for years to come.

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